Is it Time to Upgrade Your Site to HTTPS? Featured

Written by Victoria Byrne Saturday, 22 July 2017 21:26
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As part of Google's initiatives to make all websites more secure with HTTPS
protocol, Chrome 62 has begun flashing a warning when you visit HTTP sites, as shown below.

Recently, Google has started labeling HTTP sites "not secure" next to the URLs in the address line.

was previously reserved for websites which asked for passwords and credit card details, now it is important that all websites have this designation. With Google Chrome being the dominant browser, with 59% market share, it will only be a matter to time before other browsers will be following this trend in website security.

Benefits of HTTPS:
  • Data Protection
  • Increase Visitor's Trust & Confidence
  • Websites Load Significantly Faster
  • Stronger SEO Rankings vs. HTTP
  • Leading Standard for Secure Sites

Now's the time to upgrade your website to HTTPS. Give us a call at 949-916-7970 to request a quote.
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Victoria Byrne

Victoria Byrne

Victoria Byrne is the founder of Creative Marketing Services, LLC.  She has worked in corporate as well as small business marketing for over 15 years, helping her clients achieve optimal results through a combination of creative and cost effective marketing initiatives.  Victoria is a Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider and regularly speaks at educational seminars where she shares tips and advice on a variety of online marketing methods.

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